Kirsten loewenthal

Hello! Welcome to my art studio


My name is Kirsten Loewenthal (AKA: KikiLoe), i am an artist, illustrator and digital marketing specialist.

Art can take many forms, and i want to experience them all; The paintings hanging on your walls, illustrations for your books and clothing, even for the mug where you drink your coffee. Images, animations and videos for your social media channels or for your website, even the design for that tattoo that you've always wanted, or that business card that you need so much.


If you need something unique and artistic, i am exactly what you are looking for.



- 20 Art Exhibitions in Barcelona and Madrid.

- Speaker at the webinar "Art, education and philosophy in the era of crisis" from Ioannina University in Greece.

- Pop Stram Painting Prize finalist, 2018 & 2019.

- Live painting at the San Ignacio Center, in Caracas, Venezuela.

- Artesa Marketplace Gallery artist. Caracas, Venezuela & Florida, USA.


Illustrator CV

- Custom digital art for stores: T-Shirts, stationery, bookmarks, and others.

- Design for website and social media banners, avatars, intros, etc.

- Custom business cards, wedding invitations and tattoo designs.

- Illustrations for books and teaching materials.

- 2D and stop motion animations.

Christmas sale campaign, Kirsten Loewent

Digital Marketing Specialist CV

- Give Me 5 Campaign Communications Director.

- Pop Stram Magazine editor and designer.

- Audiovisual edition for social media.

- Social media content creator and curator.

- Blogs and social media redactor.


Ideas que Brillan, Website and Youtube channel.

from Maracaibo, Venezuela. - 2019 & 2020.

Ecos:Voces que inspiran, Radio Capital.

from Buenos Aires, Argentina. - 2019.

Pop Stram Magazine.

from Barcelona, Spain. - 2019.

Gerencia y Arte, TNO Radio.

from Caracas, Venezuela. - 2017 & 2018.

Arte Indie, Website.

from, Mexico City, Mexico. - 2016.