Editorial Design and more...

These are some of works in editorial and advertising design.

You can hire my services for similar projects. Contact me!

Pop Stram Magazine edited by KikiLoe, Fundación Matilde Tamayo

Pop Stram Magazine from Fundación Matilde Tamayo

I've always wanted to edit a magazine, Fundación Matilde Tamayo gave me this oportunity, i was in charge of text editions, layout and design. If you want a Pop Stram Magazine copy, you can purchaise it here.

Advertising material for art exhibition by KikiLoe, Fundación Matilde Tamayo

Brochures, posters and flyers for Fundación Matilde Tamayo

I had the oportunity to design advertising material for the art aexhibition titled: "La Familia Real Cubana & Cía". In adition to participating as an artist, y designed the brochure, poster and flyer for this exhibition, you can see them in this video.

I have designed several flyers for other art exhibitions of Fundación Matilde Tamayo.

Aloha Macramé Business Card

This is the business card that i designed for an amazing artisan, Aloha Macramé.

You can see her beautiful work here.


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